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Engineered Material Arresting System
Project Description

EMAS – The Airport is proposing to install an Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) at the approach end of Runway 14.  EMAS is a system of cellular concrete blocks that form rectangular beds at the ends of each runway.  EMAS is designed to safely stop an aircraft that overshoots a runway, reducing the potential for injury to people on the aircraft and ground.  EMAS has already been installed at the approach end of Runway 32.

The EMAS beds at both Runway ends were designed for the critical aircraft expected to use the airport.  Portions of the existing Runway 14 MALSR system will be removed, upgraded and relocated into the proposed EMAS bed at the Runway 14 end. Due to changes in standards for spacing of the rails, the MALSR will be replaced with a MALSF.

No expansion of the runway is included in the project nor is it intended to increase traffic at the airport. This is a safety project designed to improve the safety of the facilities on the airfield.

The airport received federal funding to begin design work in 2008. Construction of the first bed was completed in 2011.  The second bed is scheduled to begin construction in April, 2012.  Runway 14/32 will be closed for much of the three month construction period.  With the completion of the EMAS, Runway 14/32 will meet all Federal Aviation safety standards.

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