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nbaalineupOn Thursday, June 5, the National Business Aviation Association will hold a day-long Business Aviation Forum & Static Display of aircraft at Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale, NY. In addition to the latest generation of business aircraft and dozens of exhibits, this event will feature a number of seminars and briefings for the Business Aviation community in the New York metropolitan area.

For information about being an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor, contact NBAA's Benjamin Jones at bjones@nbaa.org or Joe Ponte at jponte@nbaa.org.

Mitch Pally, vice president of the Long Island Association stated, "The decision by a nationally respected business aviation organization to hold this forum at Republic is the most dramatic endorsement I can think of regarding the role that this airport plays in supporting Long Island's business community and our economy. It focuses our attention on a transportation hub that is uniquely qualified to assist Long Island in the fierce competition for market share."

Pally's organization is the premier business group on Long Island, representing companies and institutions that comprise the heart and soul of the bi-county region's economy. As an advocate for business they view Republic as a transportation asset as important as the Long Island Railroad and the Long Island Expressway.

"Republic has been called 'a corporate air bridge to a global economy' and in an era when local companies are competing worldwide, every advantage is required if we are to protect and strengthen our business base," observed Pally. "The NBAA is wise in leveraging this particular airport as a forum for business aviation because it is an effective stage from which to project their group's message."

"Republic Airport has become an enormously important component in helping attract and keep major corporations on Long Island," stated Desmond Ryan, Executive Director of the Association for a Better
Long Island. The ABLI represents some $20 billion worth of commercial, industrial and retail space throughout Nassau and Suffolk. "If this forum accomplishes nothing else it will help raise the awareness of what business aviation does for Long Island and why companies who build on the Island do so after determining that they have air access to their most important clients."

The NBAA has served the business aviation community for over 55 years and is dedicated to enhancing the safety, efficiency and understanding of Business Aviation. The group fosters an environment in which general aviation aircraft flown in support of commerce are recognized as important business tools that contribute to economic growth. NBAA represents member companies who employ 19 million people worldwide and earn annual revenues of approximately $5 trillion - a figure that is more than half of the U.S. gross domestic product.

Gerard Toner, vice chairman of the Republic Airport Commission, concluded, "This day-long forum is an opportunity to introduce visitors to virtually every facet of Long Island - from our tourism destinations to the professionals who manage and operate Republic. We are delighted that NBAA will be on our ramp and presenting its story to an important audience." Top


h_jonesAllow me to provide you with the latest edition of "Republic Airport Highlights." This newsletter continues
to reach a growing audience that insists on a vibrant and effective general aviation airport that can serve the needs of a multi-billion dollar Long Island economy.

While this site has been the home of continuous aviation activity since 1927 the contribution that Republic is making to job growth, new investment and economic opportunity has never been greater - or more important.

And now the role that Republic has played in strengthening the very fabric of corporate Long Island is being dramatically underscored through the actions of the prestigious National Business Aviation Association. You will read elsewhere in this newsletter that the NBAA has named Republic as the site for a business aviation forum that will focus on this crucial component of American aviation.

NBAA's decision speaks to the strategic role Republic Airport plays in supporting the activities of its members and in providing the corporate "air bridge" businesses now need in a global economy.

Republic Airport will continue to strengthen its role as a crucial transportation artery for general aviation. We intend to sustain our efforts so that we remain the strategic asset for companies that rely on
air transportation to make the difference in closing that deal and protecting our
region's future. Top


As helicopters become an increasingly important asset in strengthening Long Island's corporate community, Republic Airport is promoting noise abatement procedures that address the unique flight characteristics of these rotorcraft to minimize their impact on surrounding communities.

While specific helicopter routes were identified and implemented by Rehelicopter2duopublic Airport in 1984 as part of a comprehensive noise abatement program, the introduction of new navigational aids such as the global positioning system (GPS) is allowing for a far more precise vectoring of helicopters away from noise sensitive areas and thereby be more responsive to community needs.

Airport manager Stephen Williams stated, "This latest effort builds on a Helicopter Round Table hosted by airport management in '2000. This is not an issue where you review the procedure once, implement it and then disregard subsequent activity. You want to keep going back for the purpose of asking 'can we make it better, operate more effectively?'"

Helicopter altitudes along the approach routes have been changed from 700 ft. to 1100 ft. for the purpose of reducing noise for communities. All routes are now associated with GPS waypoints in combination with visual checkpoints for better navigation.


H_HansenThey are chalking it up as one of the more miserable winters on record but the sleet, snow and frigid temperatures failed to bludgeon Republic Airport.

While the President's Day Blizzard shut everyone and everything down for hours, Republic maintenance crews were able to shovel out and keep the runways open for air traffic seeking refuge.

Assistant airport manager Shelley LaRose said, "These crews were fantastic. Despite high winds and a fast falling snow they kept ahead of the weather and kept miles of runway open and clear for inbound aircraft. It became a source of professional pride and they need to be publicly commended."

George Barnes, Republic's maintenance manager, said "It is my hope that we don't have a winter like this one for a long time, but I will remember the work and dedication of our crews for years to come."


home_pageRepublic Airport, steeped in aviation and once a mighty defense plant, continues to welcome veterans and elected officials to its hangars. This past year Representatives Steve Israel and Carolyn McCarthy, State Senator Charles Fuschillo and Babylon Town Supervisor Steve Bellone among others visited Republic and the American Airpower Museum to preside over a number of programs that paid tribute to the veterans who have served our country.

Frank Nocerino, chairman of the Republic Airport Commission, observed, "We were especially pleased that Senator Fuschillo was on hand to dedicate two of the Republic fighter-bombers that were built on this site. His leadership role ensured that we were able to publicly thank the Vietnam and Korean War veterans who live across Long Island." Top