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Farmingdale's Flying the Mail

Click here to view the video.Republic Airport was the starting point for an historic transcontinental flight to commemorate the 90th year of air mail service in the United States with three antique airplanes recreating the punishing flight to San Francisco. A 1928 Boeing 40 C bi-plane, a 1927 Stearman C3B and 1930 Stearman 4E all picked up mail bags at the American Airpower Museum and headed west. Joining Airport Manager Shelley LaRose- Arken are air mail pilots Larry Tobin and Ben Scott, Republic Airport Director Michael Geiger, and Addison Pemberton, air mail pilot and flight leader.

The US Post Office Department took control of all aspects of Air Mail Service in August 1918, and set out to ensure the service would become a strategic asset to American society. Prior to their leadership role, the general public viewed aviation as an adventurous for daredevils. By financing the Post Office Department's development of airmail routes, aviation advocates in Congress worked with postal officials to create an infrastructure within which the private aviation industry could grow and flourish.

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