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Relocation of Runway 1/19 – Airport Safety Project

To meet the Federal Aviation Administration Runway Safety Area (RSA) standards, NYSDOT is considering improvements to Runway 1-19 which would result in a modification of the existing SheltAir lease area.

The following measures are being evaluated for implementation to achieve the RSA:

No Build: In this case, Runway 1-19 will remain in its current location and no safety improvements will be made to the RSA.

Runway Shift: This case involves a proposed shift of the Runway 1-19 thresholds in order to improve RSAs beyond both runway ends. The runway would shift north with no change to length of the runway.

EMAS Installation: Installation of an Engineered Materials Arresting System (EMAS) on the runway end(s). EMAS is comprised of “crushable concrete” blocks. 

Proposals include shifting of a portion (approx. 800 ft.) of Taxiway “G” to remove the jog north of Runway 14-32 and a possible shift of the displaced threshold on Runway 19. Also as part of a future development project, perimeter road extensions are being evaluated at the southerly end of the Airport.

The relocation of the SheltAir facilities is proposed, in part, to accommodate the alternatives contemplated for Runway 1-19 to achieve the FAA Runway Safety Area standards and respond to comments from the State Historic Preservation Office with respect to Hangars 2 and 3, presently occupied by a flight training school and American Air Power Museum.

The aforementioned improvement projects under consideration by the NYSDOT would be implemented upon the availability of funding and completion of the requisite reviews under State and Federal environmental reviews.

More information for specific alternatives will be made available in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SEQRA)/ Environmental Assessment (NEPA) document that will be made available to the public for review. The process also includes a public comment period and hearing which is anticipated in 2012.

These projects are necessary to meet established FAA operational runway safety standards and will have no effect on the number of operations at the Airport.

More information for specific alternatives is available in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SEQRA)/Environmental Assessment (NEPA) document available for review at

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