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SheltAir Aviation Modernization and Redevelopment

The SheltAir facility is situated at the northeastern portion of Republic Airport (see DEIS – graphics), to the east of Runway 1-19 and north of Runway 14-32.  SheltAir’s current lease area of approximately 20.48 acres is developed with Hangar 2, Hangar 4, aircraft tie-down spaces (97), and a fuel farm with three 15,000-gallon, above-ground, Jet-A tanks and one 15,000-gallon, above-ground, Avgas tank.  There are also related ramps and aprons, and vehicular parking areas (233 spaces), within the existing SheltAir lease area.

The proposed RSA relocation project and associated improvements will decrease the existing SheltAir lease area from 20.48 acres to 14.26 acres, a reduction of 6.22 acres.  The 14.26-acre lease area is hereinafter referred to as the “Northern Leasehold Area.”  SheltAir is proposing to redevelop the Northern Leasehold Area by relocating Hangar 2 or constructing a new hangar of similar size. As part of the proposed action, the number of tie-down spaces would decrease from 97 to 70.

There are 13 T-hangars proposed for construction, which have a combined building area of 15,045 square feet.  The existing fuel farm containing three (3) 15,000-gallon-above-ground, Jet-A tanks and one (1) 15,000-gallon-above-ground, Avgas tank would be relocated to the Breslau Leasehold Area (see discussion below).

The proposed action includes movement of the FBO offices of SheltAir to a 41-acre undeveloped area at the southern portion of the Airport.  The 41-acre southern leasehold area is comprised of the “Breslau Area” and the “T-Hangars & Corporate Hangars” area, as identified on the Republic Airport - Airport Layout Plan (hereinafter the “Breslau Leasehold Area” or “southern leasehold”).  The proposed improvements on the Breslau Leasehold Area include the construction of seven 30,000-square-foot hangars, 6,000 square feet of office space within each hangar, a 30,000-square-foot FBO building and a 3,000-square-foot maintenance facility (for ground support equipment). Approximately 14 tie-downs are proposed along the northeast edge of this lease area.

Also proposed is the relocation of the existing fuel farm from the Northern Leasehold Area to the Breslau Leasehold Area, which would include the installation of four, 20,000-gallon-above-ground storage tanks for Jet-A fuel, and one, 10,000-gallon-above-ground storage tank for Avgas. There are currently three (3) 15,000-gallon, Jet-A tanks and one (1) 15,000-gallon, Avgas tank on the Northern Leasehold Area.  The existing tanks would be removed as part of the proposed action.

Access into the SheltAir facility would be provided on the east side, from a proposed driveway extension from New Highway.  Access is also proposed from State Route 109. 

For more information on this project, you may visit SheltAir’s website at

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