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Filming at Republic Airport

Republic Airport has become a cost effective location venue for a broad range of metropolitan based production companies.

Filming Information Brochure (PDF)

With its secure and controlled environment and broad open spaces, the airport has hosted productions ranging from commercials, to television programs, to feature films. These productions have used Republic for both aviation and non-aviation uses. The airport has two runways and many taxiways that are available to rent. The Main Terminal, various hangars and vacant, woodland acreage that buffer the airport are also available.

The user fees for many of these assets are set in Codes, Rules, and Regulations mandated by the State of New York. Our tenants also rent their buildings and/or ramps to film productions, and there are many differing styles of buildings and areas on the airport available.

Recently, television programs such as Ugly Betty, Royal Pain, and The Colbert Report have filmed segments at Republic Airport. The feature film, “Salt,” used many locations at Republic as it met many of the demands of cast, crew, and script.

The staff of the airport, its general aviation tenants, and Republic’s unique aviation museum all work with location managers and crews to make filming as successful as possible and they enjoy a reputation for solid professionalism, security, and cooperation.

If you are interested in filming at Republic Airport, please contact John Arancio, Assistant Airport Manager, at (631) 386-6107 to arrange a tour of what Republic has to offer.


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