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Republic in the News

Republic Airports's newsletter, FRG Highlights contains:
  • News About the Airport
  • Highlights From The Airport's History
  • Announcements About Various Airport Events
  • Information About Regional Attractions...And Lots More!
Fall 2012 - Super Storm Sandy Special Edition
Fall 2012 - The Republic Airport Comission Defined
- Republic Customs Screening Reflects the International Needs of Long Island Business
- FAA Places Republic Among Top General Aviation Airports
- The Blue Angels Offer Commendation To Republic
- Safety Infrastructure Construction Underway
- Republic Hosts Blackbird Aviation Club and Aviation Orientation Day
Spring 2012 - Airport Infrastructure Projects Mean Aviation Safety and Reduction in Helicopter Noise.
- Runway Protection Construction Brings Out Bulldozers
- New ARFF Rescue 4 Striker Has Arrived.
- Wildlife Hazard Assessment
- Vision Plan Brings Phase I To A Close.
- Cameras! Action! Again!
- Grumman Legacy At Republic
- Dates To Circle
Fall 2011 Special Hurricane Irene Edition
Spring 2011

- Airpower Is Safe At Home
- We Pause To Remember
- The Briefing
- Winter Has Left The House
- Digital Updates On The Web
- Airshow Superstars
- Vision Plan Update
- Tackling Noise
- New Rules To Enhance Aviation and Reduce Noise
- Arresting Material To Be Installed
- Lights! Camera! Republic!

Fall 2010

- Stopping When You Can't
- Emergency Response Upgraded
- Pearl Harbor Ceremony
- Wildlife Study
- Operations and the Economy Remain Linked
- Vision Planning Continues Outreach
- AEC Career Fair 2010
- Sustained Airport Safetry Projects
- Taxiway Bravo Relocation

Winter 2010 - Digital Updates On The Web
- Hoping For The Best, Preparing For The Worst
- Pet Airways Starts Business at Republic Airport
- Runways, Taxis and Flight Safety
- FAA Proposal to Change "Air Corridors"
- Republic Airport's Vision Plan
Summer 2009 - Garden of Remembrance
- Bravo Construction Goes On
- D-Day 1944 Remembered
- A Community Destination
- Hurricane Hunters Take Their Message to Republic
- The Thunder That Honors America
- A Pinch of Salt...And Other Movie Magic
- Pilot Parody Pulls A Couple of G's
Winter 2009 Economic Stimulus Underway At Republic Airport
Fall 2008 Safety First and Foremost
Summer 2008 Envisioning the Future Needs of Long Island Aviation
Winter 2006 Taxiway Safety Relocation
Spring 2004

The Honor of Hosting
Air Force One

Winter 2003 Republic Airport to host New York Area Business Forum and Static Display
Spring 2001 New Airport Logo Symbolizes
a Bright Future for Republic
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