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Vision Planning

Vision Planning

Vision Planning Meeting

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and Republic Airport Commission agreed to the concept of vision planning as a way to work with the all stakeholders (residential, business and aviation) to identify and develop roles as a means for the airport to fulfill a future role that support Long Island. This alternative planning tool is similar to local town’s vision plans and is used by airports in other areas of the country. It was also agreed that master planning efforts would be abandon due to the lack of success of this rigid planning process over the past 30+ years.

Through the vision planning process NYSDOT is interested in furthering communication with the community surrounding the airport by working jointly to develop a shared vision of the airport that creates a guide for the airport’s future. The vision planning process and statement will define:  1) the role of the airport; (2) how the airport seeks to fulfill that role; and (3) how the airport will work with the community to obtain the desired operation and economic results while working to minimize impacts. The intent of this process is to produce a document that outlines the airport’s future planning efforts.

In 2011, DY consulting, a Long Island based firm, conducted 39 outreach meetings which were attended by more than 600 individuals who participated in the vision planning process and submitted more than 800 individual comments on the following concepts:

Service                                                Location
Facilities                                             Communication
Aesthetics                                         Airfield Infrastructure
Community Relations                     Noise
Fees                                                     Future Development

This phase of the process was completed with a public workshop in August, 2011 for stakeholders’ to submit additional comments and review raw comment data Republic Brochure (final).pdf. The “Summary of Input” (See SOI2011. pdf) is the result of a careful compilation of all stakeholders’ comments into relevant groups or concepts. 

Phase II of the vision planning process will incorporate these concepts into “philosophies” or “visions” that can be evaluated on an economic basis in an effort to best define the “vision” or role of the airport for the foreseeable future. Any comment(s) collected that are not in compliance with the law, break contractual obligations of the airport, or are unrealistic or unattainable will not be evaluated. 

For more information on the vision planning effort please visit the website

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