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It is the policy of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) to permit the use of Republic airport, without imposing a landing fee, for individuals and organizations that provide free, non-emergency air travel for children and adults with serious medical conditions and other compelling medical needs.   The waiver of landing fees shall apply to all volunteer, charitable and/or non-profit organizations that donate their aircraft, piloting services and all flying costs to help families in need, enabling them to receive vital treatment that might otherwise be inaccessible because of financial, medical, or geographic limitations. To qualify for the waiver of landing fees:

  1. Eligible individuals or organizations seeking a waiver of landing fees while providing volunteer medical flights are required to file an Application for Compassion Flight Waiver of Landing Fees annually with the Director of Republic Airport.  The application, upon approval of the Airport Director, shall be renewed annually.  Applications should be emailed to Director@Republicairport.net

  2. The pilot providing the donated services must submit a Flight Registration Compassion Flight Waiver of Landing Fees form or the information required in the form to the Airport Director for each flight before the flight or before landing. If the pilot is unable to send the flight registration form prior to landing, the pilot must submit the waiver no later than 24 hours after landing. Flight registrations should be sent to Director@Republicairport.net

  3. The individual or organization providing such services shall not charge the patient or family either directly or indirectly; or seek reimbursement through insurance. Use of the aircraft; piloting services; and all flying costs, including fuel, must be donated.

Please direct any questions regarding this policy to Gary Barnable, (631) 752-7707, or Director@Republicairport.net


Republic Airport (FRG) E. Farmingdale, NY 11735  /  Phone: 631.752.7707  / info@republicairport.net