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Republic Airport
Long Island's Executive Airport


New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and Republic Airport will be commencing a Runway Safety Area (RSA) Improvements Project for Runway 1/19. Preliminary construction activities are scheduled to begin on Monday, November 16, 2020. We anticipate the project to be completed by the Summer of 2021. Runway 1/19 will be closed totake-offs and landings for the duration of the project. The RSA project is necessary for Republic Airport to meet operational runway safety standards required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and will improve the safety areas of Runway 1/19. The Project will not extend the runway’s length, nor will it add airfield or terminal capacity to the airport. The Runway Safety Area (RSA) 1/19 Improvements Project will consist of 4 elements:
  1. Shifting Runway 1/19 to the north by 412 ft in order to gain Runway Safety Area at the south end, and to bring the entire RSA into compliance with FAA standards.
  2. Realigning approximately 800 feet of Taxiway Golf currently located within the RSA in order to meet the federal runway-separation standard of 300 feet from the runway centerline.
  3. Development of a vehicle service road (VSR) to avoid the Runway Safety Areas at the north end of the runway.
  4. Construction of a new vehicle parking area and replacement of an existing aircraft tie-down area north of Hangar 2.

Airport management will continue to provide updates as the project progresses, including advance notice of taxiway closings and detours and any work affecting night-time flight operations. Notice to Airmen or NOTAMS will be posted throughout the duration of the project and should be checked frequently. We regret any inconvenience the RSA Improvements Project may cause in the coming months for the airport’s tenants, users, and surrounding communities. Should you have any questions, please contact the Airport’s Administration office at 631-752-7707 x6109. 

Noise Complaints

Republic Airport is pleased to be a responsive and responsible member of the Long Island community. As such, the Airport is fully committed to investigating aircraft noise concerns in a timely manner.

To effectively and accurately determine the source of an alleged noise violation, residents are strongly encouraged to report such incidents within 48 hours of an occurrence.  Timely notification will assist in not only  determining the cause, but also enhance the Airport’s ability to take corrective actions. The community’s support is very much appreciated.

To file a noise complaint, please contact the Airport at (631) 752-7707, option #4,  or use our Online Noise Complaint Form.

The Republic Airport Noise Contour Update Summary Calendar