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Republic Airport History


Occupying 526 acres in East Farmingdale, New York, Republic Airport is one of 12 airports on Long Island. The original airport layout plan (ALP) was prepared in 1927 and was adopted shortly thereafter. Republic Airport was originally developed by Sherman Fairchild and began operation in the Spring of 1928. During these early years the flying field was used to test aircraft made by Fairchild, American, Grumman and Seversky.

In 1965, Fairchld Hiller Corporation acquired Republic Airport and sold it to Farmingdale Corporation. In December 1966, the airport became a general aviation airport. By March 1967, the airport was of interest to the Metropoliitian Commuter Transportation Authority as a means of meeting demands of aviation on Long Island. Recognizing the airport as an asset, Metropolitan Transportation Authority two years later acquired the airport at the cost of $25 Million. Ownership of the airport was transferred to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) in April 1983, in order to promote economic development in the surrounding Long Island region. As a general aviation and reliever facility, Republic Airport generates $214 million in annual economic activity to Nassau and Suffolk Counties each year. Republic Airport is proudly and professionally managed by Avports, LLC.

Today, Republic Airport is clearly postured for its many business aviation customers. Airport facilities include three fixed based operators to serve the needs of corporate and light general aviation customers. There is also a two- story terminal building that serves passengers ready to board charter flights to Atlantic City and other short distance destinations. The Main Terminal facility has also accommodated a number of aviation related events open to the public.

Republic Airport is home to The American Air Power Museum and the Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society. The American Air Power Museum welcomes aviation enthusiasts from around the world. The facility offers visitors the opportunity to see and hear WWII aircraft in flight.

The Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society was formed in 1987. The Society maintains the Airport Historic Exhibit on the first floor of the Main Terminal Building. Both organizations complement Republic's place in aviation history.