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About Republic Airport

An Important $214 Million Regional Asset

Republic Airport is a general aviation public-use airport located in East Farmingdale, NY. The Airport is owned by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and is currently operated by an airport management company.Republic Airport provides significant transportation and economic benefitsto New York State. Complementing major commercial airports in the area (including JFK and LGA), Rebublic Airport is dedicated to constant improvement of service as a Business-Oriented Airport. The airport is:

  • Conveniently Located Along The NY Route 110 Business Corridor
  • Dedicated To Constant Improvement Of Service As A Business-Oriented Airport
  • Advised By The Republic Airport Commission (RAC) In The Development Of Programs That Relate To The Airport’s Role & Overall Mission
  • Committed To A Progressive Noise Abatement Program
  • Responsible For Providing More Than 1,384 Airport-Related Jobs (Over 900 On-Site)