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Frequently Asked Questions

aerialterminalOperating an airport of Republic’s importance requires carefully balancing the varied interests of our customers, our neighbors and host communities—commonly referred to as our stakeholders. Understanding the mission of Republic Airport and its role contributes to maintaining this balance, enabling airport management to responsibly provide greater regional benefit.

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Pilot FAQs

How many FBOs do you have?

Republic Airport has three world-class facilities – Atlantic Aviation, Modern Aviation and Republic Jet Center.

What other services are available at Republic Airport?

A wide range of Airport Services are available from our on-site tenants including fixed wing and helicopter charters as well as a broad range of aircraft maintenance options.

Can I take flight training at Republic?

There are several flight schools on the field which provide Flight Training for helicopters, single and multi-engine propeller aircraft, and jet aircraft. Do you have landing fees? Yes.  The minimum landing fee is $2.50 for aircraft weighing up to 5,000 pounds.  Rates increase based on weight above 5,000 pounds. Where can I keep my plane at the airport (transient & tenant)? Transient aircraft that need service can use one of our FBOs to park and for service.  Contact Operations at 631-386-6108. For based aircraft, the airport has several tie-down areas and T-hangars available for rental which are available through the FBOs.

Visitor FAQs

Where do I go for my flight?

Republic Airport encompasses over 500 acres and there many places where aircraft boarding occurs.  The most common location would be at one of the FBOs.  However, there are at least five other locations to board aircraft, so you should check your arrangements before arriving.

Why isn’t there commercial service at Republic Airport?

Republic Airport is a general aviation airport.  The airport supports recreational and business flying, but not commercial flights.  There are three commercial airports located within 25 miles of Republic, and those airports are much better suited for commercial service than Republic.

Is lodging available near the airport?

Yes.  There are two hotels located on the airport, the Courtyard by Marriot and Towne Place Suites.  There are other facilities located a short distance from the airport.

Is food available near the airport?

Yes. There are many restaurants, delis, quick service restaurants, bagel shops, pizza places, etc. located close to Republic Airport. For restaurant options, please click here

What recreation activities are nearby?

There are many recreation choices available in close proximity to the airport.  The American Airpower Museum is located on the northern portion of the airport and features WWII aircraft that still fly.  Bethpage State Park is located within five miles of the airport and offers world class golf on five courses (including Bethpage Black, home of the U.S. Open in 2009) as well as biking, hiking, tennis and other activities.  There are two movie complexes and a golf driving range located within one mile of the airport.

Two miles west of the airport is the Village of Farmingdale with a downtown that offers restaurants, taverns and other retail establishments. The Village also includes a Long Island Railroad station that will allow you to reach the heart of Manhattan in one hour.

Community FAQs

What employment opportunities are at the airport?

Republic Airport is home to almost 1,000 jobs that reflect all aspects of aviation as well as some non-aviation jobs.  Visit the Airport Employment Opportunities section of this website to see a list of jobs that are being advertised.

Is there commercial or cargo service at Republic Airport?

There is no commercial service at Republic Airport.  Occasionally, there are commercial size aircraft (Boeing 737 for example) using the airport, but these are charter flights usually carrying sports teams.  There is no scheduled cargo service at Republic Airport.  Occasionally an aircraft will deliver some limited amount of cargo, such as horses for racing at Belmont Racetrack.

Why isn’t there a night curfew at the airport?

When the New York State Department of Transportation began managing the airport, the original rules included a curfew at the airport.  However, a lawsuit was filed against this rule and the curfew was overturned by the courts.  The airport does have a voluntary curfew between 10pm and 7am.  Less than 4% of the airport’s operations occur during this 9 hour period.

What’s the biggest plane that can land at the airport?

The size of aircraft that can use a runway is dependent on the characteristics of the aircraft, the length of runway, the temperature, and the wind speed and direction.  When the Thunderbirds visited in 2007, a C-17 carried their cargo.  The C-17 can weigh in excess of 500,000 pounds and is specifically designed to land and takeoff from short runways.  The largest civilian aircraft to occasionally use the airport is the Boeing 727.  The Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 are more common visitors since they usually carry the sports teams that play on Long Island.

Why don’t businesses on the airport pay property taxes?

New York State is the owner of the airport and the state does not pay local taxes on its property.  However, the legislation that transferred the airport to the Department of Transportation allowed for a study of property taxes.  That study resulted in non-aviation uses on the airport paying property taxes.  Therefore, businesses such as the hotels make payments in lieu of taxes to the Town of Babylon.  Aviation uses pay all other applicable taxes such as payroll taxes, sales taxes, and taxes on the use of aviation fuel.

Memorial Day Air Show FAQs

Has the next Memorial Day Air Show lineup been confirmed yet ?

The Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach is an annual event scheduled for the Memorial Day weekend.